Creek Protection Overlay District

For detailed information, please visit El Cerrito Municipal Code Section 19.12 entitled Creek Protection Overlay District.

Purpose (Section 19.12.010)

...the purposes of the -CP Creek Protection overlay district is to delineate creeks and major drainages and ensure that development or other activities in these sensitive areas achieves the following goals:

A. Preserves, enhances and restores natural drainage ways as parts of the storm drainage system, minimizing any alterations or structures within the natural stream channel and streambed.

B. Preserves riparian vegetation and protects wildlife habitat and wildlife corridors along natural drainage ways.

C. Protect lands adjacent to riparian areas as public or private permanent open space through dedication or easements.
D. Protects property owners and the public from erosion and flooding.

E. Increases access to creeks for maintenance purposes and for potential public access to creek-side amenities.

F. Ensures that projects are consistent with City Council adopted guidelines and resolutions for creek restoration and improvement, including designated creeks as natural corridors with habitat enhancement.

G. Furthers the Joint Watershed Goals Statement of restoring creeks by removing culverts, underground pipes, and obstructions to fish and animal migration, and daylighting creeks where they can be enjoyed by people and wildlife.

(Ord. 2008-2 Div. II (part), 2008.)