Metro 510 (Creekside Walk)

Project Name:

Metro 510 (Creekside Walk)


Southeastern Corner of the El Cerrito Plaza

Project Sponsor:

Creekside Walk Ventures LLC


Metro 510 (Creekside Walk) is a 128-unit apartment development with 19 units of affordable housing was constructed on an existing surface parking area located in the southeast portion of the El Cerrito Plaza shopping center. The 3-plus acre Project site borders the City of Albany to the south.

This 128 unit development consists of two separate apartment buildings that total approximately 211,596 gross square feet. The housing mix includes six units affordable to low income households and thirteen units affordable to moderate income households.

Vehicles access the parking garages via a central driveway on the western edge of the two buildings, with access both from the southern and northern side of the South Building, and from the western side of the North Building. (See 2007 Approved Plans.) Bicycle parking will be included for both guests and residents on the site.

As part of the Project, approximately 60 feet wide by 180 feet long portion of Cerrito Creek, previously culverted, was daylighted and restored to a natural condition. In addition to daylighting the creek corridor, the applicant provided a pedestrian path and a bike path that connects to the Ohlone Greenway to the east. The restored channel is designed to support a native riparian plant corridor, provide habitat, and stabilize the banks.


The project was completed in Fall of 2018.

For inquiries on the affordable and market rate units, please contact Ravello Holdings, Inc. at (510) 629-0326.


Plan Set
2007 Approved Plans

El Cerrito Plaza Circulation Discussion
2010 Plaza Circulation Study
Traffic Circulation Memorandum 6-18-15

Final EIR
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Proposed Project Description
Section 3: List of Commentors
Section 4: Master Response to Comments
Section 5: Responses to Comments