Use It Again

Reuse and recycle:   Bedding, Clothing, Gloves/Hats, Linens, Shoes/Boots, Towels etc.

The Recycling Center accepts textiles for reuse and recycling in country and abroad.

 Textiles include:  anything you wear from head to toe, bedding, and machine washable rugs.

When you have textiles that you no longer use or want, please bring them to the Recycling Center.  There are several USAgain bins available.  Look for the green and white bins located near the scrap metal recycling area.

All textiles must be dry, bagged in plastic, tied closed for processing ease, and preferably clean (paper bags are also welcome, plastic preferred particularly during the rainy season).

 Drop-Off Instructions:

  • ACCEPTED: clothes, shoes, tablecloths, towels, bedding, blankets, bedspreads, comforters, etc., in reusable condition.  Donations are primarily sent abroad.
  • UNACCEPTED: mattresses, furniture, appliances, rugs and carpet, household items, toys, pillows and trash. Please do not leave these items in or around a USAgain clothing drop box.
  • Clothes, shoes, and textiles must be dry, dropped off in tied plastic bags, and preferably clean. A sturdy plastic bag protects the clothes from dirt, inclement weather, and simplifies handling.
Certificates of Sustainability are provided to the City, annually with detailed environmental attributes achieved through textile reuse and recycling. 

Certificates of Sustainability are linked below per year received to date: 
 USagain Bin Image


Did You Know?

  • 12 million tons of textiles are trashed in the U.S. every day.
  • 85% of all textiles in the U.S. are sent to landfills.
  • USAgain diverted over 55 million pounds of textile waste from landfills in the US in 2013.