10135 San Pablo Ave

10135 San Pablo Avenue. This proposal is to create a six story mixed use building with 4,601 square feet of ground floor retail in four spaces, and five floors of residential units with 73 units. A range of one, two, and three bedroom units are provided; one four-bedroom unit is proposed. Forty-three (43) parking spaces are included with the project. Public and private open space areas, along with public art on the rooftop, are part of the project. An elevator will take patrons of public art to the rooftop to view the art. The site is within the Transit Oriented Higher Intensity Mixed Use (TOHIMU) zoning district and is a Tier II project. The application was submitted on January 26, 2016. Environmental review will begin by med-September 2017 on this project; it’s anticipated this project will be brought before the Design Review Board by the end of 2017.

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For questions regarding the project, please contact Elizabeth Dunn.