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2020 Spring Citywide Garage Sale on Saturday, May 16, 2020

  1. El Cerrito’s Citywide Garage Sale Registration (Rain or Shine Event)

    Host a Garage Sale! Turn your old stuff into treasures! Register now to host a garage sale at your home, school, or church. Registration fees cover the costs to advertise and promote your sale utilizing the citywide brochure, classified ads in newspapers, our website, newsletters, and social media.

  2. Please provide the best phone number for us to reach you for any clarifications.

  3. Please provide your email address. This will allow us to contact you to review your listing prior to publication:

  4. Garage Sale


  5. Price

  6. Quantity

  7. General Information

    The map with all Garage Sale listings and locations will be available on Thursday, May 7th: online, at the Community Center (7007 Moeser Lane), the Recycling Center (7501 Schmidt Lane), and City Hall (10890 San Pablo Avenue). PLEASE NOTE: Your personal information (name, phone, and email) are not part of the listing. Only your address and your description are provided on the map.

  8. Maximum of 20 words describing the items for sale and any other details about the sale (i.e. fundraiser for a specific charity, free bags, games, etc.). Descriptions will be repeated verbatim in the listing, please use good grammar. PLEASE NOTE: Do not include references to food or beverages in your ad unless you have a licensed kitchen. The County Health Department typically requires a permit for prepared foods.

  9. Please provide your suggestions to improve this bi-annual event; your feedback is especially valuable. You can also contact Laurenteen Brazil directly at 559-7686 or at with your feedback and/or suggestions. Thank you.

  10. Help Spread the word....

    Help to advertise your event on social media, online organizations, and by circulating flyers. Make your event fun and enjoyable by providing prizes, discounts or other enticements!

  11. Instructions

    Click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button below to complete your secure online payment with a credit card. You will not be charged an online convenience fee per transaction. This transaction may show up as a payment to "ECSI" on your credit card statement. ECSI is the City's online payment provider.

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