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Ohlone Greenway Fun Day Registration Form

  1. Ohlone Greenway Fun Day
    5k Fun Ride/ 5k Fun Run/ 1m Fun
    Saturday, May 31, 2014

  2. Course Description: course starts at El Cerrito Plaza BART Station “Willow Street” parking lot and finish at the El Cerrito D.M.V. Parking lot, 6500 Manila Avenue. All routes are along the Ohlone Greenway in El Cerrito. Route distances are approximate. The 5k route has 18 road intersection crossings. The 1M route has 6 road intersection crossings. Participants should use caution at all crossings. Riders must wear a helmet.

  3. Riders (approx 5km) will begin at 9:15am
  4. Runners (approx 5km route) will begin at 9:45am
  5. Walkers (approx 1mile route) will begin at 10:00 am

    This is a fun event, not a race. All abilities welcome!

  6. Check One:*

  7. I am:*

  8. I agree to wear my helmet while participating in activities on my bicycle, both on the Ohlone Greenway and at the Fun Day festival.

  9. Hold Harmless Agreement: I hereby absolve the City of El Cerrito, its officers, employees and volunteers (“City”), and all event partners and sponsors including the State of California, its officers, agents and employees (“State”) and the Bay Area Rapid Transit, its officers, agents and employees (“BART”) from all liability that may arise as the result of my participation in the above mentioned activities, and, if the above named participant is a minor, I hereby give my permission for his/her participation as indicated and in so doing absolve the City, event partners and sponsors, their employees, officers, agents and volunteers from such liability.*

  10. Lost items: I realize that the City is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.*

  11. Injury: I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks inherent in participation of the Ohlone Greenway Fun Day activities, including the risk of injury to myself (or my child). Towards that end, to the extent permitted by law, I hereby release in advance the City of El Cerrito, its officers, employees and volunteers from any and all liability to me (or my child) arising out of, or connected in any way with, my (or my child’s) participation, even though that liability may arise out of the negligence or carelessness of the City of El Cerrito, its officers, employees and volunteers. Additionally, to the extent permitted by law, I hereby agree to indemnity the City of El Cerrito, its officers, employees and volunteers against any liability, loss damage, expenses and costs of every nature arising out of, or in connection with participating in this event. I have read and fully understand the terms of this waiver, release and indemnity.*

  12. Photos: I agree to have photographs, films, videotapes or tape recordings taken of me or the minor child registered under my signature while participating in the City of El Cerrito programs. I permit these photographs, films or tapes to be released: to be used in publications, promotional materials, web site and for other public information purposes by the City of El Cerrito.*

  13. By submitting this form, you agree to all the terms and conditions; you affirm you are either over age 18 and registering yourself, or, you are the parent/guardian of the minor being registered.

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